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Dieting to lose weight


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Weight loss principle: to reduce food intake, and some people refused to staple foods and carbohydrates, eat fruit, vegetables or soup; Some people only eat meat, do not eat the food; kind of person is more to the food, do not eat misuse, eating and put my hand or toothbrush and pull the base of the tongue, spit out the food you just ate.

Advantages: No side effects of drugs, without hard exercise, do not have to endure the pain of surgery.

Disadvantages: diet sounds very "natural", in fact, very dangerous: cause malnutrition, metabolic rate, anemia, decreased immunity, lack of concentration, no gloss, etc. loose skin. Weight loss, obviously, but easy to rebound once stopped dieting, starving cells selectively absorb nutrients, aggravate obesity. Moreover, the diet for a long time can easily lead to anorexia, life-threatening.

Recommendation: dieting is not not eat, but from morning to night time, quantitative proactive eat! Eating fruit before breakfast, ten o'clock and three p.m. snacks, three times a day to skim milk, 500 grams of vegetables, eat 150-300 grams of staple food warm, and so are smart diet method.
Diet Tip2. Avoid watching TV while eating, will unconsciously eat more.

Diet Tip3. During weight loss, snacks biggest enemy must commandment to eat. (Unless you choose some low-fat sugar snacks)

Diet Tip4. Dieting during every meal, only to the bowl of the extent.

Diet Tip5. After dinner, do not eat four hours before bedtime. Preferably after each meal brush your teeth, so you can remind myself not to eat anything. Marks such as the mouth, can eat sugar-free Gum.

Diet Tip6. 8 glasses of water a day. Lose weight while eating less, it is easy to cause constipation, drink plenty of water to improve. Movement within two hours, lipolysis waste, need large amounts of water to drain away, should drink plenty of water. Drink 1600ml of the day is enough.

Diet Tip7. Prevent eat method is to eat slowly, eat the right amount of food, blood glucose increased, it will stimulate the nerve center, issued a message of satiety. But takes about 15-20 minutes to convey this instruction, so should not devour, eat slowly it will not eat too much.

The diet Tip8. Meal Never send juice Conquers because the juice, oil and sugar, high in calories.

Diet Tip9. During weight loss, do not drink any sugar plus milk or high-sugar drinks (such as coffee, tea, soft drinks), only drink water or skim milk. Postpartum weight-loss achievements Share

Diet Tip10. Have perseverance! Many dieters experience, after 3-4 weeks to lose weight, the weight will not alleviate, this is because the body is already accustomed to the small amount of dietary status, do not lose heart, giving up overeating, it is easy to increase weight. Therefore patience and persistence.

Diet Tip11. Want to control the diet, it is speaking habits, if you always eat a lot, suddenly go on a diet, and certainly can not be done, if free forced things backfire. Dieting trick is to not rush into slowly reduce the weight of each meal, allowing the body to gradually adapt.

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--- Dieting to lose weight lose weight Tip Code of ---

. Hungry unlimited amount of drink Cellulite soup.

Month only once, each time not more than 7 days.
Weight loss, diet, weight loss diet, weight loss methods


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