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wimming to lose weight


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Swimming is a very good weight-loss aerobic exercise, can exercise the muscles of the body to fully burn fat. Following a Diet fast weight loss network Xiaobian we should share with you a detailed analysis of the principle of swimming to lose weight, and help correct understanding of swimming to lose weight, let everyone choose their own swimming practice, achieve their weight-loss goals quickly.

Swimming fitness effects unique
First of all, we come to know about swimming. Swimming is a whole body movement, will help improve your heart and lung function, but also to exercise your muscles. Especially insist on regular and intensive training, several months of effort so that you will be able to "reborn". In the water, the bones of the people has been fully relax can have a chance? "Stretched lazy waist, which is very good for maintaining the upright figure. For young people is a long body, often insist on swimming exercise can also help long height.

The density of water and the heat transfer performance than air swimming consumption of energy more than any other sport. The experiment shows that the calories consumed to stay in the 12-degree water for 4 minutes, the equivalent of the calories consumed in the same temperature terrestrial one hour. Visible at the same time, the intensity, the calories consumed in the water than on land, much larger. The movement in the consumption of energy is constantly replenished by the body's sugar and fat, so often swim will gradually lose excess body fat.

The resistance of the people in the water activity 12 times greater than on land. The hands and feet moving in the water, you will certainly be able to feel a strong resistance, back, chest, abdomen, buttocks and leg muscles get a good workout in the swimming. Swimmer distinctive lines of the body muscles, is the best evidence.

Swimming metabolism speed quickly, 30 minutes can consume more than 260 calories, and metabolic rate can keep after you leave the water for some time, we can see that swimming is an ideal way to lose weight.

Second, the correct posture effect we go

The swimming coach Wu Jing pointed out that the the swimming technical action is very important. If action is not standardized technology, not only to exercise to reach, the training of the muscles not exercise, this is often said that the practice of "partial". For example, swimming depends mainly on the strength of the legs. Enhanced leg strength plays a key role in the achievements, but many people swim only emphasis on upper limb movements, leg basically fixed. Swim not only very difficult, this can provide the impetus leg has become a burden.

Due to the different four strokes emphasis on exercise site, swimmers can choose their favorite swimming, strength training focused on strengthening a body part, targeted to lose body fat.

Weight loss, swimming, swimming, weight loss, aerobic exercise, weight-loss

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