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2012年9月25日 星期二

Sleep way to lose weight


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Want to lose weight in addition to the need perseverance diet, also need plenty of sleep.

Canadian study found that if night sleep at least seven hours, the more significant the effect of diet.

Experts refer to lack of sleep can enhance the body hunger message across and increase the hormone level, so that the increased appetite, people who want to lose weight must be fit enough sleep and enough exercise.

Diet outside should strengthen the movement

Canada Eastern Ontario Research Center and Laval University, conducted a number of studies about weight loss and sleep time. The first study found people to lose weight sleep time increased from six hours to seven to eight hours, they can be within six years average by 2.4 kg.

Another short-term study recruited hundred twenty and three overweight and obesity among people sleep observed for a period of 17 weeks, found that the more sleep more, lose weight the better the results.

The third study is divided into two groups of people to lose weight and maintain the five and a half hours of sleep per night, and eight and a half hours, respectively, within two weeks, results showed that greater a group psychological pressure less sleep time, but so that the body constantly burning muscle, increased fat; sleep time more successfully minus 55% fat, and an increase of 60% muscle.

Experts responsible for studying integrated a number of studies in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, "the author, it is recommended that a weight loss program for future public dieting goals, but also to focus on to improve sleep quality and increased physical activity.

Sleep enough to lose weight more effectively

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