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Healthy way to lose weight


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Weight loss is a long battle, but every woman diet weight loss weight-loss methods, weight loss methods are too hard for many people.

Way to lose weight, reduce calorie intake:

Nutritionists believe matter what you control - protein, carbohydrates or fat, and ultimately reduce caloric intake. If a small intake of 800 calories, can reduce 10 pounds in six weeks; intake of 500 calories less to lose 10 pounds in two and a half. Not carry weight drop too quickly, otherwise it is very dangerous. Notified, per person per day for at least 1,200 kilocalories intake, if the supply of body heat is too little;'ll lose muscle. Muscle is the key to the body burns calories, promote metabolism.

Way to lose weight, eat a meat 10 pounds in 2 months:

Experts pointed out that, for every 1 gram of fat-9 kilocalories.

Compared with fat, carbohydrate and protein calories per gram, much lower, about 4 kcal. Therefore do not have to eat less to lose weight instead of daily consumption of foods that contain fat (such as butter and other foods), fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, experts say, If you do eat 20-40 grams per day fat, you can lose weight 10 pounds in two months. However, not everyone eat less fat can lose weight if excessive carbohydrate consumption, can also cause weight gain.

Weight loss methods to reduce food intake:

In order to lose weight without giving up favorite foods, it is important to be controlled. If you prefer a certain food consumption and large, it should pay attention to reduce the weight of each. Not 4 times a week, every 200 grams of meat consumption, but 100 grams each, so that you can reduce the intake of 1200 kilocalories significantly reduced body weight in about seven and a half months time. Recommend dieters put a scale in the kitchen, affixed to a prompt slogans, reminds the weight of food intake.

In fact, there are a lot of healthy and beneficial food, eat the opposition to lose weight. Candied and pink roses tea drink, which can stimulate the metabolism, helps intestinal peristalsis, remove the stool is a good helper!

In addition, honey and banana have a good diet food, because bananas are high-calorie fruit, but of course, still much lower calories than eating hamburgers and other meals. Used instead of dinner you can achieve a slimming effect.

In addition to bananas, apples are also good weight loss foods, stomachs because Apple would give people the feeling satiety is very important for a lot of friends go on a diet to lose weight, but also the key to weight loss success.

Second, is dill white original dill white contains spicy ingredients, can promote the body's metabolism, burning fat helpful.

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