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2012年9月29日 星期六

Topical smear lose weight

Topical smear weight loss, diet, weight loss diet, weight loss methods
Topical smear weight loss principles: absorbed through the skin, promote vivo micro loop through drainage, promote fat metabolism, pulling compact skin to play a role in weight loss.

Weight loss is the summer's most popular one thing, many people will be taken orally diet pills to control their weight,, orally diet pills will make the body a lot of loss of nutrients, which bring serious damage to the body. Today we introduce several topical smear method, not only to health without side effects, but also an effective way to lose weight.
1, orange is a fruit of our very favorite after eating oranges, dried orange peel and pounded the small pieces, add salt, olive oil, adding the right amount of olive oil would be better . Later, when we take a bath at night, good modulation bath salts, use topical smear method applied to the surface of the body, massage and body back and forth, about 10 minutes or so. It should be noted that the use to avoid contact with the wound place, the salt intrusion wounds cause pain and other undesirable phenomena.
2, use one hundred the Dulux Wowen essence milk, the application of high quantum technology, extracts of different plants, carrying minerals needed by the body similar to the human body made ​​of electronic electronic emulsion. By changing the body energy metabolism, electron transfer, thereby changing the trajectory of the electrons of the fat cells and fat cell size smaller, excessive heat release in vivo savings, to adjust to the normal proportion of body fat, water, muscle, and it could be achieve natural and healthy weight loss. It breaks the conventional means of weight loss medication and topical smear, just applied to the surface of the skin surface, can achieve the desired weight loss.
Advantages: topical products, a small impact on the whole body.

Disadvantages: Jianfei Shuang no systemic treatment of obesity.

Reminder: allergic skin, pregnant women, the menstrual period, women, children caution.
Topical smear weight loss, diet, weight loss diet, weight loss methods


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